{#MSBE} Make SCANDAL come back in Europe ! 🇬🇧

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Two years ago, today, following the last SCANDAL concert at La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris as part of the tour ⌈SCANDAL Tour 2016 « YELLOW » Europe⌋, we are since that date in expectation of a new European tour with one or more dates in UK as was the case in 2016 (note: Paris and Marseille)

For the occasion, I invite you all to come and take part in our demonstration of support and will to see again SCANDAL the European venues.

The method may seem harsh or close to spam, but today it’s our only mean of expressing a sense of gratitude to the band and a desire to be able to see them again in a near future.

The movement would be done in two differents steps:

  1. First, pick up where we left off during our campaign on MyMusicTaste to try to get them back (and open new campaigns in other major European cities) and achieve their goal set.
  2. In a second step, it would be to make a « demonstration » of support for SCANDAL on social networks (in particular Twitter and Instagram, as regards the two social networks where each member has an account), that coming from all the fans for September 25 and 26, the date of their last concert in Europe with the rallying slogan #MakeSCANDALBackInEurope !

For some, it may be just a massive spam, it’s not totally wrong but today apart from buying their CD’s or for the lucky ones, go see them abroad reminding them that we are here, we have no other means than to show them our determination to see them again soon on the Old Continent.

Moreover, in addition to sending your messages to members, we also invite you to send them to these different accounts that may be able to act as intermediaries / relays:

  • @japanfm (1st Radio on Japanese Culture in Europe.)
  • @b7klan (Asian Music touring, especially for SCANDAL in 2015&2016)
  • @jpurecords (European Label of  SCANDAL since 2015)

Si vous en avez concernant votre pays, nous sommes évidemment preneurs.

I want to thank in advance those who will take part in this meeting, it may seem futile but with regard to our only visible means of expression.

I personally want to take responsibility if this expression of support will have a more negative impact than a positive one.

I want to get the message out not necessarily directly to the group but to the producers, labels, who would be willing to collaborate with SCANDAL to bring them back to Europe for the pleasure of new and old fans.

Share this article if you feel concerned by this action, as it is available in 4 languages, I am sure that we can reach the most people and thus make our message as loud as possible.

NB : Feel free to support the group by buying their music on legal download platforms or by purchasing their CDs directly via JPU Records or CD Japan for example. If you can’t, it does not matter, show to them your love by listening to their music on their official channels as on Youtube for example (although today it is more complicated to access all their clips with what it past)

About the author

Jeune fan de SCANDAL depuis maintenant près de 8 ans, mon but à travers ce site mis en place il y a plusieurs années maintenant est de permettre à tout fan de permettre l'actualité et l'histoire de ce groupe qui marque actuellement l'Histoire de la Musique de son empreinte.

De plus, chez Scandal★France nous souhaitons permettre au groupe d'avoir une plus grande notoriété sur la scène musicale aujourd'hui en France.

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